When you work from home, it’s challenging to balance the living areas with your workspace. Take your time to design the best office for your needs. You’ll enjoy a comfortable office area and be more productive during work hours. Here are a few ideas for creating a home office.

Use Paint to Divide the Space Visually

Creating an accent wall or painting a portion of the room another color are great ways to divide a large space visually. Whether working in your living room or a hallway, choose a different color around the desk to designate the office. If paint and permanent updates aren’t suitable options for your home, use peel-and-stick wallpaper to provide a temporary solution.

Designate a Corner for Your Home Office

Corners are infrequently used parts of a room, but they provide a place that offers seclusion and the ability to focus. A corner can become a perfect home office. Shop for corner desks designed to take advantage of the space. Corner shelving helps you keep necessities nearby.

Mount Your Desk

Floating vanities make a small bathroom look bigger, and floating desks are an excellent idea for creating an office in a small space. Because the desk doesn’t have legs taking up floor space, your office will look larger even if you work in a small area. You could even install a Murphy desk that folds up against the wall. For a temporary solution, use a folding desk and stash it in a closet when you aren’t using it.

Use a Variety of Lighting When Creating a Home Office

Proper lighting helps you stay focused and on-task during the workday. In your home office, choose a mixture of lighting types. Overhead lighting illuminates the entire space. Table lamps provide a warm glow, and windows covered with sheer curtains let in natural light without distraction from outside.

Built-In Storage

If your home has built-in bookcases, closets with shelving, or other installed storage, position your home office near these areas. You can make the most of the storage and won’t need to purchase additional furniture for the office. Bookcases or closet shelving can hold work supplies and a printer.

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