Radon and VOC Testing in Gainesville, FL

Does your home or business provide a safe, healthy haven? Or does it harbor invisible threats that could affect your health? RMI Services Corporation’s volatile organic compound and radon testing services offer the answers you need.

Many residents in Gainesville, FL assume they can find peace of mind within their homes. However, our radon and VOC testing services often uncover alarming radon levels and other pollutants contributing to poor indoor air quality. Let our certified air quality technicians determine whether your indoor air increases your health risks or quality of life.

Radon on the Periodic Table

VOC Testing in Gainesville

Volatile organic compounds are gaseous substances released into your indoor air via various materials or processes. These substances do not break down quickly in water and will continue circulating throughout your home.

All buildings have various VOCs circulating throughout each room. Many compounds pose no risk to the occupants. However, some VOCs cause health problems like:

  • Cancer
  • Neurological disorders
  • Lung, kidney, and liver damage

Our VOC testing service identifies dangerous compounds. Then, we identify strategies to eliminate them and minimize your family’s exposure. Many mitigation techniques involve simple approaches like excluding certain cleaning or home improvement products from your storage cabinet. 

 An RMI Specialist preparing for a Radon Test at a Gainesville Home

Radon Testing for Homes in Gainesville, Florida

Radon testing services protect your household or business in Gainesville, FL from the harrowing effects of radon:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain in the chest
  • Coughs that get progressively worse
  • Chronic respiratory problems

Radon gas can filter into a building via various underground sources. For example, it can filter into your home’s foundation from a subterranean groundwater source. Its presence may also occur due to the soil on your property.

You need state-of-the-art tests administered by certified professionals, regardless of the radon’s origin. Once we determine whether your home harbors a higher-than-recommended level of radon, we can assist you in finding and installing a radon mitigation system. Mitigation systems help you maintain healthy levels of this element on your property, protecting your family’s long-term health and quality of life from radon exposure.

Life in Gainesville, FL feels like a constant vacation. Residents enjoy numerous opportunities to relax and expand their minds. Attractions like the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Harn Museum of Art allow people of all ages to learn more about their planet and culture. RMI Services Corporation protects the population’s peace of mind with VOC and radon testing services to preserve the community’s health. Contact RMI Services Corporation for professional radon and VOC assistance.