Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Coral Springs, FL

As a resident of Coral Springs, FL, you are well aware of the perils that Florida weather can create. Flash floods from heavy rains can cause severe water damage in all building varieties, including your home or business. RMI Services Corporation provides speedy response time from an IICRC-certified water damage restoration team.

Our professionals understand the urgency of an indoor flood. We work with your insurance company to execute a thorough water damage repair process. Our technique involves:

  • Water mitigation: Our team quickly finds the flood source and stops the water flow before proceeding with water removal.
  • Inspections: Once we mitigate the water, we inspect all affected areas to determine the damage severity.
  • Water remediation: Our technicians remove damaged materials that may pose a risk to the building’s structural integrity and occupant health.
  • Water damage restoration: Finally, we repair the damage and replace any removed materials.

Finger Pointing at Water Damage in a Coral Springs, FL Home

Water Mitigation in Coral Springs

When you discover water flooding into your home or business, vacate the premises and contact our team immediately. We’ll determine whether the flood contains black, gray, or potable water. Then, we’ll turn off the flood’s source and remove the excess water.

Water mitigation is the first step of the water damage restoration process. It allows us to safely move around in the affected area and accurately identify potential problems in the following inspections.

A Home in Coral Springs Undergoing a Water Restoration Service

Water Remediation and Repair in Coral Springs, Florida

Next, water remediation services begin. This step involves:

  • Eliminating materials and belongings that we cannot safely remediate
  • Investigating the extent of the water damage
  • Sanitizing the belongings that don’t pose a health risk

After our team removes the water, the technicians can begin water damage repair services. We communicate with your insurance about the repair project’s scope.

We also follow up with NORMI-certified mold prevention and remediation services. When provided with an optimal environment, mold can aggressively overtake any building. Therefore, we always recommend scheduling a thorough mold inspection service to protect your Coral Springs property and family.

Opulent Coral Square and picturesque Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital are just two of many memorable ways residents in Coral Springs, FL, can spend their time. The growing population of nearly 133,000 people also enjoys endless activities available along the Stranahan River. Their properties’ proximity to fluctuating water levels makes them vulnerable to floods. Therefore, RMI Services Corporation offers water damage restoration services to protect their homes and businesses. Contact us to learn more about our services.