Whether you hope to downsize to move to a smaller home or just want to live with fewer belongings, minimizing the clutter in your home is a good idea. Neat and tidy living spaces are easier to clean and help reduce stress and anxiety. Knowing how to declutter your home will make your life easier. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Start to Declutter Your Home in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, you may have a number of travel-size products, expired medications, and old cosmetics. To start decluttering, remove everything from the cabinets and begin sorting the items, discarding things that you don’t use. Throw away anything that’s out-of-date.

Use a basket to gather items that belong elsewhere in the house. Once you’ve sorted through your bathroom, place the products you use every day within easy reach. All other items should be organized in baskets below the sink or in cabinets.

2. Decluttering the Closet

Closets often become disorderly because it’s easy to toss something in with the intention of organizing it later. At least once a year, clean and organize your closets. The bedroom closets most often become cluttered with clothing and accessories.

Sort your clothing into three piles: things you’ll keep, items to donate, and stuff that can be stored elsewhere in the home. Store out-of-season clothing in totes in the garage or in baskets on the top shelf of your closet. If you haven’t worn the item in several months, get rid of it. Collect your donation items in a box and drop them off at your favorite charity next time you’re out.

3. The Kitchen Can be Challenging When You Declutter Your Home

The kitchen houses a lot of useful items. In order to declutter, you’ll need to decide which things you don’t use. Choose a cabinet or a drawer to get started and remove everything from the space. Sort the items to determine what you actually need. If you have two of the same knife, get rid of the one that’s seen the most use. A drawer full of mismatched silverware can be pared down to only the necessary items.

If you have a small kitchen, make the space feel larger and more useful by reducing the number of items you have. Try to free up countertop space for food preparation without packing every appliance away. If you drink coffee every day, find a convenient place for the coffee maker.

4. The Living Room

Living rooms tend to collect clutter. Family and friends spend a lot of time there and items like magazines, remote controls, drink coasters, and children’s toys should have a designated place. Keep surfaces clear of belongings to help the space feel bigger and more functional. When decluttering the living room, remove furniture that you don’t use to open up the space.

After you successfully declutter your home, do your best to keep it that way. Dedicate some time to regular cleaning and organization, focusing on one room at a time for the best results.

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