Whether you are renovating an entire room or simply replacing the floors in your home, you’ll be faced with a variety of flooring material options. There are different styles that work best in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. The flooring you choose protects the floorboards underneath and impacts the decor of the room. Here are a few flooring material options that you can choose from.


Bamboo is a sustainably harvested flooring material. This species grows to maturity much faster than hardwood trees, so it is an eco-friendly option. It is also slightly more water-resistant than hardwood floors and less expensive per square foot. You’ll get the same classic warm look that hardwood provides with these extra benefits.

Repurposed Wood Flooring Material Options

Repurposed wood floors are more environmentally-friendly than new hardwood floors because they are recycled from another property. They can be difficult to source, but if you’re able to find enough of the same material for your floors, they are a great choice. You’ll get a trendy, rustic look for a fraction of the price of new flooring materials.


Hardwood is one of the most popular and widely-used flooring materials. Upgrading your current floors to hardwood is a worthy improvement if you are getting your home ready to sell. Hardwood floors can also be refinished several times and the stain color can be changed. They don’t work well in moisture-prone areas like the kitchen and bathroom.


Removing carpet to expose a concrete floor is a popular flooring renovation as industrial aesthetics have become trendy. The concrete can be stained with an acid or water-based concrete stain and then made waterproof by adding a sealant. Concrete floors are easy to keep clean and are cost-effective when you’re removing flooring materials to reveal the concrete underneath.

New Laminate Flooring Material Options

Advancements made by laminate flooring manufacturers have improved the quality of this material. They realistically mimic hardwood or tile and are easy to install. You’ll pay a fraction of the price that you would for the real thing.

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