Starting a home garden is something anyone can do with the proper attention and commitment. However, maintaining it (especially during the summer) is a more challenging task. The intense summer heat stresses plants, whether you plant a container garden or raised bed. Below are six tips to help your garden survive summer.

Provide Adequate Water

When it’s sweltering, your plants need extra water to survive, so it is essential to water them regularly. Take time to water each plant deeply at the base using a watering can or a hose. Doing so encourages the plants to spread their roots further into the ground to access the water and will make them better equipped to withstand the hot sun.

Water Plants in the Morning to Help Your Garden Survive Summer

The best time to water your garden during summer is early morning. Since the sun is not yet fully risen and the temperatures are more moderate, the water has enough time to soak into the soil and reach the plants’ roots. If you wait until later in the day to water, it will evaporate in the sun’s heat.

Weed Your Garden Regularly

Weeding is something that all gardeners practice year-round. However, weeds quickly get out of control during the summer. Be sure to tend the garden regularly and remove weeds as they appear. Spending a couple of minutes weeding your garden each day clears unwanted plants so your garden will thrive.

Choose the Right Plants

An easy way to help your garden survive summer is to select plants that thrive in hot weather. These varieties don’t require as much care and attention in summer because they enjoy the heat. Try planting peppers, green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It’s best to have these plants established by late spring before it gets too hot.

Add Mulch

Another great way to help your garden survive summer is by adding mulch. Mulch helps the plants to conserve moisture and prevents weeds from taking over the garden. Place three to five inches of mulch on top of the soil and spread it evenly to avoid suffocating the plants. Wood chips, straw, pine needles, and shredded leaves are excellent options for mulching.

Help Your Garden Survive Summer By Providing Shade

Surviving in scorching weather can be challenging for both sun-loving and cool-season plants. Extra shade for your plants on very hot, sunny days will help them survive. While moving your entire garden isn’t possible, you can move potted plants to a cooler location like your patio or under the trees.

For the in-ground plants, buy a shade cloth and install it above them. Another option is to purchase sunshades or portable umbrellas to provide temporary shade for your garden.

The above tips will help your garden survive hot summer days. Make sure you take care of yourself as well. Keeping cool during summer is essential for your garden and your health. Stay out of the sun when it’s too hot, drink plenty of water, and always apply sunscreen when you’re outdoors.

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