Home Inspection, Water Damage Restoration, & Mold Remediation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Keeping your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient doesn’t have to be difficult. RMI Services Corporation provides reliable and affordable services. We can assist with:

Blower door tests, in particular, can be incredibly beneficial. Blower door tests are a type of home inspection that measures airflow within your home to identify areas lacking proper sealing or insulation. After installing a temporary door with a fan, the technicians blow the air from your building, creating an area of negative pressure. As new air rushes in to equalize the pressure, we locate the areas where air enters the property and mark them for improved sealing.

Blower door tests increase your home’s energy efficiency, which in turn reduces your utility bills and saves you money.

Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Other Home Inspection Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Home Testing in Fort Lauderdale

In addition to home blower testing and duct leakage tests, RMI Services Corp offers volatile organic compound and radon testing. Both services identify harmful particulates in the air that damage your health long term.

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs when uranium in the soil decays. Prolonged exposure to high levels greatly increases a person’s chance of lung cancer and other severe illness. After testing for radon, we can install a mitigation system to minimize this deadly element.

VOC testing identifies harmful emissions from things like paint thinners and cleaning supplies. After detection, we can help you establish better ventilation and preventive techniques to keep you healthy.

Home Mold Remediation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you suffer from mold growth, we can help improve the situation with the following:

  • Inspection for mold
  • Containment procedures
  • Ventilation to prevent the spread
  • Mold removal services
  • Water damage repair
  • Water damage restoration

Fort Lauderdale Home Inspector for VOC Testing, Blower Door Tests, & Water Mitigation

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