Having pets can make it a real challenge to keep your house clean. The good news is that there are a few good tips and tricks to make house cleaning for pet owners easier. Save time and keep the house clean with less effort.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

Animals shed more in the spring and summer, but all pets tend to shed some year-round. To keep the hair off of your furniture and your clothes, brush your pets often. Shedding tools can be very effective in removing loose hair, even from the undercoat, and will help you keep your house clean. If your pet doesn’t like the edge-style brush on the shedding tool, try a wire bristle brush instead. Provide your cats with self-grooming toys that collect excess hair whenever your cat rubs against them.

Keep a Towel by the Door

Walking your dog in the rain and snow isn’t a fun task, but cleaning up after they track mud in is even less enjoyable. To keep dirty footprints off of your floors, wipe your pet’s feet when you come in. Train them to do this from a young age, using their favorite treats. With positive reinforcement, it will get easier to clean your pet’s paws.

House Cleaning for Pet Owners is Easier With a Top-Entry Litter Box

Cats track litter when they exit the litterbox. A top-entry litter box is a great solution. Any litter stuck to your cat’s feet will fall back into the box as they jump out of it.

Use a Slow Feeding Bowl

If your cat or dog eats too quickly, he or she may become sick and make a mess. To rectify this problem, use a slow feeding bowl that is shallow and has obstacles to slow down your pet’s food consumption. Slower eating reduces messes and improves your pet’s health.

Washable Furniture Covers Make House Cleaning for Pet Owners Easier

If your pets lounge on the couch, protect your furniture from fur and stains with a cover. Furniture covers are designed to cover the arms, back, and the seat of any chair and will keep your home clean. They are easy to remove quickly and easy to wash.

House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Enjoy a cleaner home with these easy tips. These simple solutions address many of the problems pet owners face.

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