The loss of electricity is inconvenient. Your home may lose power due to heavy storms, damage to a utility pole, or maintenance on the lines. As a homeowner, it’s good to be prepared. In the event of one, here are some tips on how to manage a power outage.

Use Solar to Manage a Power Outage

Solar-powered devices have a convenient and rechargeable energy source. Most solar devices are powered by batteries that are charged by the sun’s rays. Have a solar-powered cell phone charger and solar radio on hand in case the power goes out. Rechargeable LED pathway lights can be useful if you lose power. Charge the LEDs during the day and use them to provide light after dark.

Clean Water

When the power is out, water flow might be interrupted if your pump is electric. Depending on the reason for the outage, the water source could become contaminated. Keep enough clean water in stock for each family member. Have about a gallon of water per person, per day.

Food to Manage a Power Outage

Without power, a freezer can preserve food for up to 48 hours, if you leave the door closed. Canned food lasts longer and it’s easier to store. When preparing for a power outage, stock up on non-perishable foods.

Keep a First Aid Kit Nearby

Natural disasters can cause injuries and may delay the response from emergency services, leaving you to handle first aid. Restock your first aid kit in preparation for a power outage. With the proper supplies, you can handle any minor accidents or illnesses and provide assistance in case of a significant injury.

Have Enough Batteries

Make sure you have a few candles and matches or lighters for emergency situations, but you also want to keep batteries around the house in case of a power outage. Know your devices and make sure you have the right size batteries for each. Have fresh batteries on hand for flashlights and your radio if it is battery powered.

To Manage a Power Outage, Plan for Heating

Heating may be interrupted during power outages. While those with a fireplace can start a fire, you may need to find alternatives to keep warm. Having a kerosene or propane heater is helpful if the weather is cool. Be sure to use your heater in a well-ventilated area. Plan to have extra layers of warm clothing in case you or family members get cold.

Have Cash on Hand

If the power outage is extensive, cash becomes essential if you no longer have access to an ATM. Cash will allow you to buy supplies that might be running low or things you forgot to stock up on.

Keep Yourself Entertained

Boredom can set in quickly during a power outage. You won’t be able to rely on cell phones and tablets to keep children entertained. Be prepared by having board games, books, and puzzles that will keep you and your family occupied for hours.


Have your cell phone nearby for communication. Purchase a solar charger and power banks for the devices you use in your home. If necessary, you can use a car charger to keep your phone charged. Keep a hand-crank or battery-powered radio on hand to receive emergency broadcasts and weather reports.

Keep Clean

To stay safe and healthy, make sure you have disinfectant cleaners, antiseptics, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, and a water purifier to help prevent illness. In case of an extended power outage, it can be difficult to keep surfaces and hands clean.

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