Don’t Make These Mistakes That Cause Mold

Mold is a terrible problem for any homeowner to face, for several reasons. Mold and water damage often go hand in hand and can be very expensive to remediate. Even worse, mold poses serious health risks to the members of your household. Unfortunately, some homeowners make mistakes that cause mold without knowing it. This article goes over some of these mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is key for preventing mold growth. Activities that generate moisture, like cooking and bathing, need proper ventilation. One of the most common mistakes that cause mold is failing to turn on the ventilation fan when showering or using the stove. Another cause of mold is a ventilation fan that vents heat and moisture into the attic instead of outside the house. In this scenario, mold is likely to grow in the attic. A ventilation fan like this should be corrected to vent to the outdoors.

Plumbing Leaks That Go Unfixed are Mistakes That Cause Mold

Some homeowners know that they have a slow plumbing leak and ignore it because it does not seem like an emergency. Others fail to check areas for moisture where plumbing leaks often occur, like under sinks. Both cases are mistakes that cause mold. Plumbing leaks lead to unhealthy mold and water damage, so it is a mistake to ignore them.

Allowing Mold to Spread

Perhaps you have noticed a tiny bit of mold starting to grow in the caulk of the tub and casually wiped it away. Another place that mold and mildew commonly grow is the shower curtain liner. A little bit of mold may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Once mold starts to grow, it accelerates and spreads. Another of the mistakes that cause mold is wiping mold away without thoroughly removing it. The mold spores are still alive and will grow and spread. Use a cleaning agent that will actually kill mold, not just remove the visible spores. Hiring a professional to remove mold is always the safest and surest method.

Not Cleaning Up Spills

When standing water sinks into a surface, it creates a favorable environment for mold to thrive. Mistakes that cause mold to grow in the home include not cleaning up liquids on the floor. Spills, water that splashes out of the tub or shower, and leaks from appliances like the ice maker or washing machine should be thoroughly wiped up as soon as possible.

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