Having mold in your home is a recipe for disaster in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding areas. This is why if you find that you have mold, you likely have more than you think you do and need professional mold remediation from RMI Inspection Services to properly get rid of it all. Mold can affect your health in a number of ways, which is why it is important to not only test for it but to properly dispose of it if it is found. Contact our team today to learn more about the dangers of mold and to see if mold remediation is the right answer for you.

We Live In An Area Perfect For Mold

The fact is that living in a warm climate like we do in Florida means that we are often running our air conditioning for our comfort. However, this can create the perfect conditions to allow for mold to take hold and thrive. If you suspect you may have mold, that is the time to call us in to have an inspection. Even when buying a new-to-you home or building you should schedule a mold inspection to be sure that there aren’t underlying issues.

It is tempting to want to tackle the mold remediation yourself, but most people don’t know what they don’t know. This means that unless you have don’t mold remediation before yourself, you will likely be surprised at the lengths that one must go to in order to be sure that all mold has been removed. Our team has the tools and experience to take care of your mold remediation needs right the first time.

Symptoms of Mold Impacting Your Health

Do you find yourself sneezing a bit more when you are at home versus when you are outside? Maybe you experience headaches more often than you think you should. Does your breathing seem to be more labored at home compared to other locations? All of these can indicate the presence of mold and it manifests in our health being degraded in a variety of ways. Those with compromised immune systems are even more susceptible. That’s why it is important to have the proper mold remediation if you ever find mold.

Our area of the country in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding areas are prime areas for mold growth. If you find that you have mold, or want to ensure that what you are acquiring does not have mold, contact RMI Inspection Services. We can do a mold assessment as well as mold remediation to make sure that you have a clean and safe home. Reach out to us today to schedule your mold remediation and learn more.