Mold Removal Services and Mold Remediation in Coral Springs, FL

When you find mold in your residential or commercial building in Coral Springs, FL you may be tempted to tackle the removal yourself, but unless you are experienced in doing so you may end up dealing with it several times or missing important details. RMI Services Corporation has more than 30 years of home inspections and mold removal services and we have a 6-step process in dealing with mold that has proven successful. Inadequate knowledge, improper equipment, and lack of experience may exacerbate the problem, putting individuals at risk and causing further damage to the property. Don’t take any chances with mold and call in our professional team today to get your property back to the way it should be.

A Contractor Conducting Mold Removal Services in Coral Springs, FL

Mold Remediation in Coral Springs

Our process starts with a proper assessment of the extent of the mold as well as the type of mold that is present. If this isn’t done correctly it could lead to improper mold remediation, so we ensure that proper testing is an important part of our 6-step process with our mold removal services. Another important aspect of mold remediation is proper containment to prevent the continued spread of mold spores. We have a variety of tools and equipment that help to properly contain your mold issue before removal.

An important factor with mold remediation is that the ones doing the mold removal, need to have the proper personal protective equipment. This is designed to ensure that the professional doesn’t inhale any mold spores, which is the same reason why the mold needs to be removed so that no one else also encounters breathing problems. As certified professionals, we also have proper cleaning protocols to prevent mold from coming back.A Wall in a Coral Springs Home in need of Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Professionals in Coral Springs, FL

Failing to address the root cause of moisture intrusion or inadequate drying of affected areas can result in recurring mold growth at your residential or commercial property in Coral Springs, Florida. By prioritizing a comprehensive assessment, proper containment, adherence to safety protocols, and effective moisture control, our team at RMI Services Corporation will complete your mold remediation successfully, creating healthier indoor environments for all.

Mold remediation is a multifaceted process that demands attention to detail, expertise, and adherence to industry best practices. As one of the fastest growing cities, and now considered fully “built-out”, it is hard to believe the very same land was merely a green bean farm and cattle field just over 60 years ago. Before its incorporation as a city in July 1963, the area which is now Coral Springs was part of 20,000 acres of marshy lands bought by Henry Lyons between 1911 and 1939. Bring in our expert mold remediation professionals by contacting us today.