Strong winds can wreak havoc on your home. The Beaufort Scale of Wind Force indicates that buildings can suffer damage during strong gales over 46 mph. Sustained winds of 74 mph can cause devastation to roofs, vinyl siding, shingles, and gutters on well-constructed homes. Use the following 6 tips to protect your home from wind damage.

1. Examine the Roof

Regularly examine your roof to help protect your home from wind damage. Make sure no shingles or tiles are loose or missing. Lacking shingles on your roof make your home susceptible to water damage. Strong winds can rip away entire panels of metal roofing. Metal siding and roofing should be secured with exposed fasteners such as bolts and screws or concealed clips.

2. Cover Windows and Doors to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Purchase aluminum or steel storm shutters for your windows to prepare for high winds. While they aren’t cheap, the protection is worth it. Close and secure all doors, including interior doors. Opened interior doors can cause upward pressure on the roof and compromise the home’s structure. Caulk or seal around windows and doors to help keep water out.

3. Remove or Anchor Potential Projectiles

Strong winds can turn even small items outside your home into damaging projectiles. Protect your home from wind damage by moving smaller objects inside. Anchor larger ones, like outdoor furniture and grills, by bolting them to the deck or patio. Anchor playground sets and doghouses to the ground.

4. Trim Trees Close to Structures

Keeping your trees trimmed regularly will help prevent damage. Falling tree limbs can cause extensive roof damage and fall on power lines. If you have trees close to the house, have them removed to prevent risks during strong storms.

5. Reinforce the Garage Door to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Make sure you have a sturdy garage door before a storm hits. If it gets blown off, the contents inside will be damaged and the entire structure of your home could be compromised. A garage door company will inspect your garage door and determine if it can withstand strong winds. It may need to have a reinforcement brace added, or be entirely replaced.

6. Have a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Hire a home inspector to complete a wind mitigation inspection for you. You’ll find out exactly what needs to be done to protect your specific home from wind damage.

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