Summer is here and with it comes warmer weather. You’ll be enjoying the outdoors with your family all summer, so take some time to update your outdoor living spaces. Simple improvements will help your deck, patio, porch, or courtyard feel more comfortable and welcoming.

1. Basic Deck Maintenance

Make sure your deck is safe and secure. Look for warped or cracked boards and replace them. Reattach any fasteners that have worked their way out of the wood. Sand and re-seal the deck to remove splinters and help it withstand the elements.

2. Update Outdoor Living Spaces by Adding Color

You can quickly improve the front porch and boost curb appeal by adding color. Use a bright new rug, throw pillows, curtains, and flowerpots to liven up the space.

3. Maintain the Furniture

Lawn furniture is exposed to rain. Take the time to maintain your patio chairs and benches. Wooden furniture can be sanded and refinished. Metal and wicker furniture can be improved with a coat of spray paint.

4. Install Garden Spaces

You can grow flowers and vegetables anywhere there is adequate sunlight. Plant tomatoes or peppers in planters on the back porch. Add pots of strawberries on the deck. Choose an area near the kitchen to grow herbs. Edible flowers will brighten your front entryway and can be enjoyed in salads.

5. Lighting Can Update Outdoor Living Spaces

Use lighting to create a warm, welcoming feeling in the evenings. LED solar lights can illuminate the walkway approaching the front door. String lights are fun for the patio or above the hot tub. Install lights on your deck to light the perimeter of the area. Citronella torches and candles provide lighting and will help keep mosquitoes away.

6. Build a Fire Pit

When the sun goes down, a fire pit provides a cozy place to spend the evening. Purchase a fire bowl at your local hardware store or online. If you need a summertime project, build a fire pit. It’s an easy project to tackle in one weekend. Install the fire pit in an open area at least 20 feet from the house, any outbuildings, and away from trees.

7. Purchase an Area Rug to Update Outdoor Living Spaces

A rug is a great way to make your outdoor living spaces feel like an extension of indoors. Outdoor rugs are available that are made of weather-resistant materials. Find a pattern and color that fits with your decor. The porch, deck, or patio will feel cozier with a rug.

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