Your house should be a place where you feel comfortable and secure. No matter where you live, there are ways to boost safety at home. Protect your family and belongings with these easy ways to keep your living spaces safe.

Boost Safety by Deterring Intruders from Your Home

Home security is essential for protecting your property, family, and belongings. A good security system includes cameras, adequate lighting, and alarms.

Install a camera by the front door and other entrances to your home. Many homeowners feel more secure with additional cameras to monitor the driveway and backyard. You might appreciate the following features when shopping for a home security camera.

  • Motion sensor
  • Alarm feature
  • Automatically records when motion is detected
  • Sends notifications to your phone

Incorporate technology into your plan for home security by choosing WiFi-enabled cameras for your property and a video doorbell for the front entrance.

To further boost security, install sensors on every window and door in your house. These devices sound an alarm if a door or window is opened.

Better Lighting Helps Boost Safety at Home

Improve home security by making sure your property’s exterior is well-lit. A burglar is less likely to target a home if they are likely to be seen. Verify the front porch light is working and replace the bulbs as necessary. Install lighting in the side yard to illuminate dark spots. Floodlights and motion-detecting fixtures are great options.

Use solar-powered stake lights to line the walkway to the house. Install deck post lights to illuminate the perimeter of your outdoor living space. Often overlooked, fences are a great place to place lights. Add them to the top of fence posts or install lights on the panels.

Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

Make sure that you have working fire alarms in your home. Test each device monthly to verify the alarm will sound. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors annually and replace the device every ten years.

There should be at least one detector on each floor of the house and in every bedroom. Install the devices on the ceiling or high on the wall, no more than 12 inches from the ceiling. Never decorate or paint over a fire alarm to ensure the detector can function correctly and sense smoke.

Work with your family to create a fire escape plan. Determine exits from each room in case of a fire, and choose a meeting place outside the house.

With these quick and easy steps, you create a safer home. Boost security and keep your family and belongings safe. You’ll enjoy peace of mind when your house feels secure.

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