The purchase of a house may be the biggest investment you make. A home is where you spend time with family and it should feel safe and secure. If you’re in the market for a house, hire a home inspector to examine the property you hope to buy. You’ll want to know that the house is in good condition. Here are a few common concerns of homebuyers that an inspector will be able to detect.

Common Concerns of Homebuyers

When buying a new home, there are some concerns that the typical homebuyer may feel. Here are a few things your home inspector will look out for when assessing the property.

1. Mold

Mold is problematic because it can cause property damage and worsen the symptoms of allergy or asthma sufferers. In nature, mold helps to break down organic materials. Within a home, it can damage materials and lead to health concerns. Exposure to mold can cause itchy eyes, coughing, headaches, and fatigue. Mold growth commonly occurs in damp spaces or areas of high humidity. You might notice it in bathrooms, the laundry room, or beneath the kitchen sink.

Ask your home inspection company if they test for mold. Before moving into a home, have a test performed to determine if this is a concern in the house.

2. A Failing Roof

When you purchase a new home, you hope that it won’t need any immediate improvements or costly renovations. The roof is a major component of your home because it protects the entire structure from the elements. Replacing the roof is expensive and may not be within your budget after purchasing a home. Your home inspector will examine the roof, looking for missing or damaged materials. He or she will also look at the roof supports and verify that the structure is sound.

3. Leaks

A gas leak is dangerous, potentially causing health concerns or leading to a house fire. As the buyer, you want to make sure the house is safe for occupancy. Your home inspector may be able to test the indoor air quality. Some inspectors use a device designed to detect gas leaks. This will alert you to a problem that needs to be repaired before your move-in date.

4. Lead-Based Paint is One of the Common Concerns of Homebuyers

Lead paint was used in homes until the late 1970s because it was durable and long-lasting. The use of this paint indoors was stopped because lead has been shown to affect brain growth and development, especially in young children. When purchasing a new home, it’s important to learn about the presence of lead-based paint. Generally, this type of paint is considered safe if it is intact and undisturbed. However, it is dangerous if peeling, damaged, or if the home is being renovated. Talk to your home inspector about testing for lead-based paint.

These are a few common concerns of homebuyers. Hire an experienced and well-trained home inspector and discuss your concerns with them. Your inspector will be able to examine and test the home so you’ll better understand its condition and any safety hazards. The information in your inspection report will help you make an informed decision about the purchase.

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