Your appliances help you do daily chores from cooking to laundry. Each of them cost several hundred dollars and should last approximately a decade, give or take a few years. There are things you can do to extend the lifespans of appliances.

Extend the Lifespans of Cooking Appliances

The most important part about caring for your range and oven is keeping them clean. Built-up grease and food particles create a fire hazard and hinder the efficiency of the appliance. Cleaning the cooktop and inside the oven are easier to do if you wipe up spills after they happen, after the surface is cool. For caked-on debris, use the oven’s self-cleaning feature and scrub the range with a degreaser.


Your dishwasher maximizes convenience in the kitchen, making clean up after a meal quicker and easier. A quality dishwasher can cost up to $1000, so you want to help yours to work for as long as possible. Keeping your dishwasher in good condition is simple. Before loading dishes, scrape them off so chunks of food don’t get stuck in components of the machine. Check the spray arms for clogs and clean the filter periodically to keep it running its best.


A refrigerator is one of the most necessary appliances. If your refrigerator breaks down, you’ll need to fix it or replace it quickly to prevent all your food from getting spoiled. To avoid this scenario, you can help the refrigerator operate efficiently by cleaning the coils with a vacuum attachment. Clean the door gaskets to preserve their seals and don’t pile things on top of the appliance.

Extend the Lifespans of Laundry Appliances: Washing Machine

Your washing machine will last longer if you don’t overload it, load your clothing evenly in the drum, and leave the lid open when not in use. This will prevent an environment for mildew to grow inside the machine.


Lint management is the most important aspect of maintaining your dryer. Lint build-up and hot temperatures pose a risk of igniting and starting a house fire. This could stem from the lint trap or the dryer vent, so both of these places need to be cleaned out. Clean the lint trap after every use and the dryer vent twice a year.

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