Purchasing a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. As a homeowner, it’s your job to take care of your property. Some upkeep will require hiring professionals, however, there are some simple DIY home maintenance tasks you can handle yourself. Let’s look at a few projects you can do that help to maintain the value of your property.

Gutter Cleaning is One of the Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks

The guttering on your home helps rainwater to flow off the roof and away from the property. Clogged and overflowing gutters cause damage to the roof and siding and can lead to basement flooding and mold. Clean the gutters at least twice per year, in early fall and spring.

This is a job you can do yourself; all you’ll need is a ladder, gloves, a gutter-cleaning tool or hand trowel, the garden hose, and a bucket or tarp. Have a friend nearby for safety. Climb the ladder to access the gutters, and then scoop leaves, twigs, animal nests, and other debris from the channels. Collect the debris in a bucket or tarp to compost later. After clearing the gutters, rinse them out with the hose and make sure water flows freely through the downspouts.

Repaint a Room

Painting is a simple, do-it-yourself task that will improve your indoor living spaces. You’ll only need a few supplies: paint, quality brushes and rollers, painter’s tape, and a paint tray. If the walls have nail holes that need to be repaired, add spackle, a putty knife, and fine-grit sandpaper to your shopping list.

Prep the walls by wiping them clean, filling in any holes, and sanding these areas smooth once the spackle dries. Move furniture to the center of the room and use tarps or old sheets to protect it. Use painter’s tape to mask edges, trim, and window sills. Apply the paint with a roller, using brushes to get into corners and near trim. After the first coat dries, apply a second coat for a uniform paint job.

Home Maintenance Tasks: Caulking the Bathtub

If the caulk on your tub is old, cracked, discolored, or peeling away, it’s time to replace it. The caulking is a sealant that keeps water from seeping between your tub and the bathroom walls. It’s important that it’s in good shape to prevent mold growth and water damage. It’s easy to re-caulk the tub. Before getting started, remove all the old caulk so the new will adhere to the surfaces. If you want to make a straight line with the caulk gun, use masking tape to mark off the area.

By completing easier home maintenance projects, you’ll gain confidence as a homeowner to tackle larger tasks. The internet provides plenty of resources for DIY improvements. You can learn to replace light fixtures, fix a dripping faucet, pressure-wash your siding, and repair a leaking toilet – just to name a few. Making upgrades yourself helps you save money and boosts property value.

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