Improve Curb Appeal by Focusing on the Most Visible Parts of a Property

The first impression that people get from your home shapes their opinion of the property. Approaching most homes, the first things you’ll notice are the mailbox, front door, garage door, siding, and the yard. Because of this, it makes sense to focus on these 5 components when you want to improve curb appeal. If you are preparing to sell your home, curb appeal is one of the most important factors in getting interested buyers.

The Mailbox

On many properties, the mailbox is the closest feature to the curb. A rusted, dented, or dirty mailbox brings down the look of the whole property. In some cases, the mailbox just needs a new paint job and fresh address numbers mounted on it.

Some mailboxes are a lost cause and should be replaced entirely to improve curb appeal. Paint your mailbox a cheery and bold color. Some homeowners match the mailbox color with the front door to create cohesion.

The Front Door

Even if your home is set back from the street, you can likely still see features from the curb. Most of us will naturally be drawn to the front door of a house. A front door with peeling paint or a boring color affects the curb appeal of the entire home.

Give the front door an upgrade by painting it an attention-grabbing color like red, yellow, green, or blue. If your front door isn’t made from steel, replace it with an insulated steel door that is more sturdy, secure, and energy-efficient.

Improve Curb Appeal by Sprucing Up the Garage Door

The garage door takes up a lot of real estate on the front-facing facade of many homes. If this is the case for you, give it some attention to improve curb appeal. Like the front door, the garage door can either get a makeover or a full replacement. Add carriage-style hardware to the garage door to give it a distinctive style.

The Siding

Siding that is dirty, covered in mildew, or in disrepair makes a home look unkempt. Assess the siding by stepping out into your yard and scanning the exterior of your house. It may need to be pressure-washed, repainted, repaired, or replaced. If you want excellent curb appeal, the siding needs to be clean and in great shape.

Improve Curb Appeal by Maintaining the Yard

No matter how perfect your home looks, an unruly yard will cancel it all out. Maintain your landscaping, especially if you are putting your home on the market. Trim back bushes and shrubs. Mow and fertilize the lawn. Mulch and edge garden beds. If you simply don’t have the time for these tasks, hire a landscaping company to tidy up your yard.

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