When the weather is nice, most homeowners love spending time in the backyard when friends and family. You don’t have to move the party inside after dark when you light your outdoor living space. Using a variety of light fixtures and features, maximize your enjoyment of your deck and the outdoors while improving your home’s safety and security.

Install Security Lighting

Exterior lighting adds a cozy atmosphere to your patio or deck and can help prevent opportunistic thieves or criminals from trying to enter your home. Add security lighting to illuminate the backyard or side yards at your house. A light suddenly turning on is a great way to scare off burglars and wildlife digging through trash cans. Calibrate the motion sensors to avoid too much light pollution.

Light Your Outdoor Living Space and Pathways

Add pathway lighting to make navigating your front and back yard easier after dark. Pathway lights are available in a broad range of styles and can be installed throughout your yard, including along your driveway and all other walkways. Ideally, use solar LED lights that charge daily and keep paths lit at night. Look online or in your local home improvement store for different styles to best fit your property.

Add String Lights Over the Deck

String lights make your backyard feel warm and inviting. Hang string lights across poles over your patio or deck, wrap them around the base of trees, or hang them along walls or fences. When choosing string lights, make sure they are specifically designed for outdoor use. If your property gets a lot of sunlight, choose solar-powered lights for a convenient and low-cost option.

Light Your Outdoor Living Space With Wall Sconces

Wall lighting is a popular way to light your outdoor living space more permanently. You can install accent lighting around your deck or vertical surfaces to light up patios or sitting areas. One of the best options for ambient lighting is wall sconces. Choose models that have the top of the bulb covered to direct the light out of the bottom of the fixture. This style illuminates a larger area below while preventing your yard from being too bright.

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