Inspections Find Problems in Newly Built Houses

A common mistake when you’re having a house built is assuming that everything in the home will be perfect. After all, no one has lived there and there is no wear and tear, so you won’t be faced with some of the common concerns of homebuyers. However, even a new build can have issues. Without a new construction inspection, you may be setting yourself up for unpleasant surprises after moving in.

Common Issues with a New Construction

A local code inspection certifies that the builders have met the minimum residential standards for the area. It does not guarantee that the home has been built perfectly. Some flaws that a new construction inspection may find include:

  • signs of inferior workmanship
  • building plans not adhered to
  • ductwork that has been incorrectly installed
  • bad wiring
  • window leaks
  • grading and drainage issues
  • cracks in the foundation
  • cold and hot faucets reversed
  • damaged or missing shingles

Mistakes during the construction of a new home can and do happen. The builder might have been reputable, but all builders hire subcontractors and it can be difficult to supervise every step of the process. To make sure your newly built home is move-in ready, hire a professional home inspector to assess the property.

What Does the Inspector Look for During a New Construction Inspection?

The home inspector will check all major systems of the property, such as the HVAC unit, structure, and plumbing. They will also make sure:

  • all interior doors close and latch
  • the appliances are working properly
  • the electrical system functions safely
  • gas lines were safely installed
  • there are no structural concerns with the roof
  • garage doors are working the way they should
  • there are no problems with the electrical panel
  • the HVAC system is functioning as intended

A home inspection is a complete assessment of the new build by a trained professional. He or she understands the systems of the home and the ways they are designed to work. The inspector will create a report listing his or her findings for your reference.

Order a New Construction Inspection

By ordering an inspection on a newly built home, you will learn about any problems or safety concerns and can have your builder address them before the move-in date. In doing so, you save money by having the builder make repairs. Any issues found after you move in will become your responsibility to fix.

Even if no problems are found, the inspection is worth the time and money. You will move your family into a home knowing everything is functional and well-built. The new home will offer safety and security for years to come and you will feel peace of mind about your purchase.

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